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Quality is a fundamental element for the success of a perfect jewel. Today, for those who want to buy something valuable, it is difficult to understand the qualitative characteristics without a thorough analysis. The jewelry is the result of profound creative work, attention to design, the shapes, the quality of gems and the accuracy of craftsmanship. All creations are characterized by a high level of finish and a considerable attention to detail, thanks to a control system, which ensures jewelry of the highest level. Every glodsmith´s creation is born out of team work, always paying close attention to the research and development of the jewelry design. All the jewels contain the technical knowledge and specialized gemology: a beautiful jewel comes from a creative act and is clear evidence of the forty years wisdom we have behind us. In the creation of handcrafted jewelry, experience of the manufacturing plays a vital role in every stage of production, from jewelry design to the implementation of the model, to the working of metals, embedding of stones to the finish.

STEP ONE: The thought of a precious object takes shape through freehand drawing, from the designer´s pad comes to life the first draft. Subsequently this is converted to a computerized three-dimensional system, A Cad program then communicates with a robotic interface laser, the prototype machine, which prints a three-dimensional accurate model in resin, .

STEP TWO: The prototype, machine created in resin or created with a wax model carved by hand, begins production, making rubbers that create the mold of the valuable. Here the liquid wax is injected in order to recreate the negative mold where it will be cast in gold or silver.

STEP THREE: The waxes thus constructed using the technique called “lost wax” is the step to realize the models in precious metals.
From negative to positive, jousting micro-fusion Vacuum and degrees of cooking in the ovens. The precious “raws” thus obtained pass to the bench phase, where they are finished, assembled and branded with our trademark.







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